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UK web store for Zappiti media players, movie server and accessories. 

Welcome to the UK webstore for Zappiti award winning products.  Zappiti design and manufacture innovative movie playback solutions for the home.

Zappiti media players can be used either as a stand-alone device, or as part of a multi-room system acting as a server and enabling you to watch movies in any room.

The hardware and software supports virtually every available video and audio format and thanks to Zappiti Video can automatically create a catalogue of your media.

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This optional optical drive for Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition is the easiest way to back-up your movies in Blu-ray 4K UHD format. This device is working only with Zappiti NAS (all version). It does not work with other devices.
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The Zappiti Duo 4K HDR isn't simply another Android box, it is designed as a serious media player and ownership brings with it entrance to the total Zappiti Media Center ecosystem that delivers a clean and (relatively) easy way to organise your locally and networked saved media collection. Additionally, it has cloud synchronisation, a app that is complementary plus server applications for PC and NAS. As it is all built-in you don't require an external host however. The build quality of the Duo is excellent with solid metal casing and passively cool so no unwanted fan noise. There are bountiful connections including Gigabit LAN, HDMI 2.0a in and out ports, 7 USB connections of varying kinds and dedicated RCA, Toslink and Coaxial audio outputs.
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The Zappiti Mini 4K HDR is a fantastic media player which also has an outstanding build quality. The device is extremely simple to setup and comes you could want. The GUI is intuitive and well thought out, allowing the user to have the ability to access their content efficiently.  One thing is certain and that is the Zappiti Mini 4K HDR is not another Android box. It does not pretend to be the same as boxes on the market and why they're currently using the Android operating system is the user has more options available to them. The Zappiti Mini 4K HDR is an outright killer media player, not an Android box which has poorly developed apps developed in or re-skins of current apps.
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The new high-end Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Media Player is a disc-less playback device that supports almost every conceivable video and audio format up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz and the latest object-oriented audio codecs like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It features 2 HDD bays for up to 32TB of storage, that’s enough for 600 Blu-rays or 300 Ultra HD discs. The player supports Android 6 meaning you can stream content from all your favorite providers like Netflix, Amazon, more. It is also a music player and server offering you access to your collection and allowing you to play your favorite music stored anywhere on your home network or on a local drive connected to your Zappiti media player.