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By David M. (West Midlands, United Kingdom) on 31 May 2022 :


I'm very pleased you can adjust the level of gamma and peak brightness,
i have a 1080p projector and the Zappiti Reference converts 4K 10 bit movies to wonderful looking SDR,
should look amazing on a JVC true 4K projector, but for now it's really improved the picture quality' never looked so good.

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By Harold S. (Mexborough, United Kingdom) on 26 Dec 2021 :

Zappiti Reference

I purchased this player to view one for one ripped copies of my uhd collection, so glad I did, the picture quality is stunning. Having previously owned the 4k pro which was quite good itself, this is a real step up, fantastic build quality and superb pictures, coupled with an LG 83" C1 Oled it really blew me away, another superior product from zappiti..

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By Dan H. (Beaconsfield, United Kingdom) on 21 Dec 2021 :

First class product

Having had other media players before the Zappiti Signature I could not have wished for a better product. I have added numerous movies and there have been no hiccups whatsoever. Both the audio and video are superb with no degradation at all. Rather the opposite.
Can recommend it wholeheartedly.

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By Michael L. (Fleet, United Kingdom) on 12 Dec 2021 :

An honest review of what I like and dislike.

The GOOD stuff!

- The player itself is truly awesome! Video playback quality is superb and the sound from ripped UHD + Atmos media is truly amazing. Great job Zappiti!!
- Rear panel connectivity is great.
- The silver menu theme looks fantastic
- The ability to create custom categories & group movie collections together is cool
- Overall build quality looks and feels great!


1) The remote - For me it is just a bit too awkward for navigating hundreds of movies. Needs to be smaller and more tactile with less buttons/options - think Apple TV or Nvidia shield style. Luckily there is an option to control the player via IOS/Android app which helps a bit.

2) LED display panel (more romantic form than function). Not sure this really adds much value, as most home entertainment equipment is a good 10ft+ away from where you sit meaning you can't actually read the small scrolling text being displayed on the screen. Maybe future updates could support custom information about your collection, related stats or even cover art! Or at least provide the ability to change the font size (I will retract point 2 if there is some menu option I've missed)

And the UGLY.

1) I wish the actual movie navigation/presentation on the player itself was 100% like the Zappiti app that runs on IOS/OSX and Windows. Scrolling through your media collection on the OSX/Windows app is a much more fluid experience (with theme support for scrolling) than trying to navigate 20+ pages of movie titles a page at a time (even with the ability to jump pages) on the actual player. And yes, I know you can select [A-Z] to go straight to movies by title but for a £1K + plus media player I would expect the user experience/interface to the same if not better. Certainly not worse!

2) Selecting movies via the app on you IPAD is a great feature but unfortunately you have to manually STOP playback before another title will play. In my opinion this should be automatic. For example, pick a movie on the IPAD screen and it starts playing, select another movie and playback should stop and the new title should start. At the moment you have to use the remote to stop the movie before you can select another movie to play. This is so frustrating and I'm sure it could be easily fixed.

3) The IPAD/IOS app has to be constantly restarted as it seems to lose connectivity/sync after awhile.
4) When the player starts up the video app doesn't automatically start, even with the option enabled.

Overall I think the actual player is great for playing movies. I just find some of the software/interface niggles really frustrating and counter intuitive.

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By Mark H. (Lewknor, United Kingdom) on 04 Mar 2021 :
Product rated : ZAPPITI NAS RIP 4K HDR

Zappiti Nas

Great Product 5 stars for easy of use. its quite expensive but the quality of the rips is the best I have seen. Discs I have ripped my self using a PC just are not as detailed.. Even when I have a had a disc that will not rip if you wait a few days and try again seems to work. I have ripped over 400 discs and only have one that wont rip at all.

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By Hamza K. (Dundee, United Kingdom) on 09 Sep 2019 :
Product rated : ZAPPITI PRO 4K HDR

Incredible 4k player for playing bit-to-bit copy of 4k blu-rays

I was very reluctant to buy this player. Glad I did buy it a week ago. First file I run on it copy of 4k bluray ISO of ready player one. It simply blown me away, with its picture and sound quality. This player fast and can beautifully handle the 4k blu-rays ISO files with full menus support. Direct output makes its picture quality look so close to my Panasonic UB 9000 4k blu-ray player. I strongly believe its Neck to Neck alternative of kaleidescape strato with freedom to run any 4k blu-ray ISO with full Atmos/DTS:X audio support. Another pleasant thing is their Zappiti videos which pick movies covers from The Movie Database (TMDb), big plus is that you can customise them. e.g I didn't like some movies cover picture. Simply I made account on TMDb and upload my favourite cover for particular movie. It start showing on my zappiti video within less than 24H. More importantly its customer service is great here in UK, It is handle by Audiocom AV Ltd, Uk. I had issues with new hard disk formatting. I called them their guy named Mark Bartlett helped me to resolve the issue for me in mins. Highly recommended this player. I just loved it.

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