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By Hamza K. (Dundee, United Kingdom) on 09 Sep 2019 :
Product rated : ZAPPITI PRO 4K HDR

Incredible 4k player for playing bit-to-bit copy of 4k blu-rays

I was very reluctant to buy this player. Glad I did buy it a week ago. First file I run on it copy of 4k bluray ISO of ready player one. It simply blown me away, with its picture and sound quality. This player fast and can beautifully handle the 4k blu-rays ISO files with full menus support. Direct output makes its picture quality look so close to my Panasonic UB 9000 4k blu-ray player. I strongly believe its Neck to Neck alternative of kaleidescape strato with freedom to run any 4k blu-ray ISO with full Atmos/DTS:X audio support. Another pleasant thing is their Zappiti videos which pick movies covers from The Movie Database (TMDb), big plus is that you can customise them. e.g I didn't like some movies cover picture. Simply I made account on TMDb and upload my favourite cover for particular movie. It start showing on my zappiti video within less than 24H. More importantly its customer service is great here in UK, It is handle by Audiocom AV Ltd, Uk. I had issues with new hard disk formatting. I called them their guy named Mark Bartlett helped me to resolve the issue for me in mins. Highly recommended this player. I just loved it.

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